Welcome to "Kyoto Kimono Rental 41" !

Welcome to "Kyoto Kimono Rental 41" !
Are you traveling in Kyoto and do you desire to experiment the traditional japanese kimono ? Kyoto Kimono Rental 41 is waiting for you ! located in Shijo-Kawaramachi near takashimaya store, we can help you to get dress up with plenty of colorful kimonos.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How about KIMONO ?

The new year is coming soon.
We are so excited.
It is because a chance to wear a kimono comes. 

Many Japanese people visit a Shinto shrine during the first three days of January in order to make traditional New Year's wishes for health and happiness. This is called hatsumode, the first visit to a shrine. 

We recommend going to Yasaka Jinja(shrine) wearing a kimono.
You can walk from our store.
We are lookingforward to see you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

autumn season in Kyoto

Hi ! Recently it's started to be cool in Kyoto. I can feel that it will be soon the end of summer. Many tourists decide to visit the city of Kyoto during autumn, when the climate is as the most appreciable and particularly stable and comfortable.

The temperature are very pleasant and we can start to see the autumn colors everywhere around the city. It means it will be quickly crowed so hurry up if you would like to book hotel !

Also it's the best season to swap the summer yukata for the traditional kimono to take some walk and enjoy the atmosphere of autumn in Japan.

See you soon in 41 rental kimono !

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Matcha sweet in Kyoto

Hi everyone ! if you take a walk in Kyoto, you will discover a lot of green tea goods for sale everywhere in the city. In Japan , "ocha" called tea is one of the most traditional and popular beverages and it uses to be a very important part of the japanese food culture, for exemple the tea ceremony. "matcha" means fine powder of green tea and it's the highest quality tea available in Japan. Matcha has been used to flavour and dye foods such as " mochi " called japanese rice cake, soba noodles, green tea ice cream and a variety of " wagashi ".

During summer, a lot of japanese people appreciate to eat matcha ice cream to cool down and enjoy the delicate and refreshing taste of this delicious dessert.

If you have the chance to walk around Gion in Kyoto, there is a famous matcha shop called " tsujiri " originates from Kyoto. The main shop is located in Gion Minamigawa on Shijo Street, about 5 minutes walking to the east from the keihan Gion shjo train station. This shop has 3 franchies in Kyoto and two in Tokyo.

Tsujiri serves their famous and original matcha ice cream, jellies and parfaits. It's absolutely delicious ! but don't be pulled of by the long queue, this ice cream shop is one of the best in kyoto.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today's yukata

Good morning!
It's still hot in Kyoto, but night time is getting better to sleep.

Here are my choice for today's yukata! Enjoy them!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today's yukata

We'd like to introduce two sets among our big collection of yukata.
Which do you prefer??

Daimonji Yaki matsuri 16th of August

Hi everyone ! Did you hear about O-bon in japan ? O-bon is a japanese custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. This buddhist custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to their hometowns in order to pray for the spirits. In most regions of Japan, O-bon is celebrated between the 13th to 16th of August.
16th is the day of the famous Daimonji Yaki matsuri in Kyoto. Five big bonfires in the shape of chinese characters are lit on moutains surrounding the city. It signifies the moment when the spirits of deceased family members who are said to visit this world during O-bon, are believed to be returning to the spirit world. The most famous and the first to be lit is the character " dai ", means large on Daimonji Yama from 8pm. Also the characters " funagata " and " torigata " which means the shape of the ship and shinto shrine's gate . This festival is the best opportunity for many people to walk through the city in beautiful summer kimono, called yukata.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still heat Kyoto..

This summer weather is crazy..
Terribly hot and then horrible thunder comes..
Actually there are lots of damage here and there in the Kansai area due to heavy heavy shower and thunder.
Be careful!

Well..Yukata (summer simple kimono) would be nice until the end of September.
I'd like to show three kinds of our yukata collection.

                                   Above is all shibori yukata. Gorgeous!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kyoto Gion Matsuri 2012

Hi ! Gion Matsuri is already finished. I hope everyone had a good time in Kyoto even if the weather began very hot and humid. Yesterday was one of the biggest event of the Festival called " Yama Hoko Junko " ( The Grand Procession )
From 9:00am, the first " Nagashina " starts moving over a formal ceremony confirms the order of the floats. The parade of the Yama and Hoko are carried and pulled by 12 to 50 people from Shijo Karasuma street, then turning around the corners at the intersections Kawaramachi-Shijo, Kawaramachi-Oike and Oike-Shinmachi. Hoko are really impressive and massive float, the weight turns around 10 tons and the high around 25 metres. On the second floor of the Hoko, we could discern the page boys and some musicians playing the traditional Gion Bayashi. The parade was the best opportunity to discover Japanese art and to approach the culture and the history of Kyoto.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kyoto Gion-matsuri 2012

Hi everyone ! 
Are you ready to celebrate the fabulous Gion Matsuri in Kyoto ? The floats are already put up on the Karasuma and Shijo streets and the festive evenings will start from 14th of July. This festival is the best opportunity to dress up with yukata and to discover the main Kyoto's annual event. Would you like to experiment the most casual summer's kimono for the occasion ? Hurry up and please come to have a look in the shop Kyoto Kimono Rental 41 located in the city. We are waiting you with plenty of colorful yukata for the occasion. 
Have a safe and good trip in Kyoto !

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gion-Matsuri has started!

Have you ever seen Gion-Matsuri, one of three big festivals in Kyoto?
This festival comes from one event called "goryo-e" of which drove away an evil sprit in the 9th century.
32 "hoko" big floats will be constructed on around 10th of this month at some hoko-cho towns. After finishing construction, you can step inside some of the floats.

On 17th of this month, the highlight of Gion-Matsuri will be held. 32 hoko will move around downtown Kyoto.
Do you know the best place to see it?
That's my shop!! Kyoto Kimono Rental 41!!!!!
Please enjoy a wonderful time to see the festival before wearing yukata at my kimono shop on 17th!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gorgeous kimono for wedding

Today some customers came from Kobe. They are looking for special kimono to dress up for wedding ceremony. We recommended this silk kimono with long sleeves, also an authentic and original obi sash with typical obi's accessories. Last chance to wear long sleeves kimono called furisode for only single women. I hope the customers will have great memory of the wedding ceremony with our suggested kimono.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Memory of yukata -summer kimono

Hello! This is Kyoto Kimono Rental 41.
It's raining today..year, rainy season called "tsuyu" has started!
Tsuyu usually continues until the end of July. Oh, dear..

We have a good idea to enjoy this tsuyu and severe summer in Kyoto.
Why don't you try wearing yukata? Yukata is a summer kimono, so easier and
cooler than kimono. It's not tight!
We have lots of pattern and color of yukata. And we can choose the best yukata set for you. Of course you can choose yukata you like!

Please don't hesitate to ask us about yukata or come to our shop!
Kimono Rental 41 is located in central downtown of Kyoto, next to Takashimaya Department store. (South west corner of Shijo and Kawaramachi Street, Shimogyo Ward)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome to our shop!

We are Kyoto Kimono Rental 41 in Kyoto, Japan.
We've started our new blog.
You can enjoy a wonderful world of kimono here.
See you soon!